NZ Seismic Cross Sections

A Wadati-Benioff zone is a deep active seismic area in a subduction zone. They can be produced by slip along the subduction thrust fault or slip on faults within the downgoing plate, as a result of bending and extension as the plate is pulled into the mantle. The deep earthquakes along the zone allow seismologists to map the three-dimensional surface of a subducting slab of oceanic crust and mantle. The angle of dip of the zone is the same as that of the subducting slab.

The term was named for the two seismologists, Hugo Benioff of the California Institute of Technology, and Kiyoo Wadati of the Japan Meteorological Agency who independently discovered the zones.

Or so the theory goes.

This page contains 14 cross sections of New Zealand showing earthquakes located between Jan 1 2007 and October 18 2013 by depth, latitude, longitude. Magnitude is shown by orb size.

Interactive Reference Map

On the map each rectangle section (white boxes) represents one degree of latitude.
Click your mouse on the rectangle/ area of interest, a new tab will open with the image showing the map of earthquake events for that area and a cross section view looking North below that. Some towns/cities are marked for reference.
Map of NZ cross sections

Lat 34-35 Lat 35-36 Lat 36-37 Lat 37-38 Lat 38-39 Lat 39-40 Lat 40-41 Lat 41-42 Lat 42-43 Lat 43-44 Lat 44-45 Lat 45-46 Lat 46-47 Lat 47-48

Individual Cross Section Panels

these are the 14 panels/images that the interactive rectangles off the New Zealand Map go to.

3D images created using the IRIS Earthquake Browser 3D Viewer


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