22.07.2013 (day203) SeisComP3


mag1= 61 , mag2= 306 , mag3= 65
mag4= 11 , mag5= 0 , mag6= 0
total= 443
total energy released= 1295.701 TTNT


6 Comments to “22.07.2013 (day203) SeisComP3”

  1. Sorry to hear that Mike! What has concerned me is the fact that it was at 17km and we are seeing a number at 5km at 4 occasionally The shallow higher intensity gives concern. I was glad to hear that GeoNet re taking it seriously and giving warnings to be prepared. What is your take?

  2. I think the next big quake after this will be in the South Island, that is the way the aftershocks headed.
    That doesn’t mean Wellington is in the clear, a 7+ anywhere between Kaikoura and Blenheim would cause widespread destruction in Wellington.
    Did you see those 3 deep mag 4 quakes off Oamaru/Dunedin on the 22nd July map? those are a worry. Just hope they are a Geonet data error, if not then the SI may be on the shift again to the SW towards Tasmania.
    Geofon say that the 6.5 was a strike-slip event, so that means that one side of the fault went one way and the other side went the other way, rather than up and down.

  3. Hi Mike
    I have much to learn – I hadn’t noticed those 3 deep around 4 quakes or even considered they were significant.- and I thought that it (6.5 event) was a ‘strike-slip’ event. It didn’t cross my mind it could be be vertical movement. Further the SI (South of Kaikoura) has been surprisingly devoid of activity. Where are the SI pivot points? Cook Strait? Christchurch? Have you noticed the land shape around Seddon near the coast. Are these as you call them Stile-slip event rsults?

  4. Cook Strait 4 day timeline graph
    click on image for larger version

  5. John, I’m not sure what you are referring to in particular about the coast.
    If you look south east between Seddon and the Coast you will see a line of cliffs, this is the track of the Hog Swamp Fault which starts at Marathon Downs to the west. The scientists are talking up the London Hill Fault which runs north north east between the Waima River mouth past Ward ( and London Hill) to Mussell Point at Clifford Bay as the possible Fault that these quakes are on, but it looks to me, based on the aftershock line, it is an extension of the Hog Swamp Fault, or, it may be a combination of both of them.
    Yeah Cook Strait is the pivot point where the Australian Plate and Pacific Plate reverse subduction direction. Where exactly probably changes as the SI get stretched SSW.

    Just to clarify about the strike slip model versus other types

    earthquake models

  6. Evening Mike
    I see White Island is having a go again tonight.
    As a result of the activity around Wellington I have had a discussion regarding some options for planning around a Wgtn catastrophic event. Since you’d be affected what plans have you made? Use my personal contact email if you choose. We discussed water, small cooker silver foil ‘sleeping bags’ shake torches and soup in minute for our Wgtn installation vans. – I look forward to your comments

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