28.05.2009 (reviewed)


mag1= 20 , mag2= 43 , mag3= 11
mag4= 0 , mag5= 0 , mag6= 0
total= 74
total energy released= 32.631 TTNT


One Comment to “28.05.2009 (reviewed)”

  1. the 2.755ML located less than 1km SW of Waiouru at 18:45:18.8 UTC was downgraded from 2.798ML and the depth relocated up to 13km from 15km.
    It was reported felt in Taihape [1]

    Small swarm offshore east of Gisborne of 13 events, the largest 3.819, the others may have been aftershocks of that.
    The 3.819 was downgraded from original 3.999ML and the depth adjusted up to 27km from 35km. The 3.258ML at 07:14:06 was upgraded from 3.233ML.

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